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Outside opening hours, our emergencies are provided by the Clausonnes Veterinary Clinic, 900 route de la Valmasque at 06560 Valbonne.

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Our veterinarians and nurses are at your service to accompany you throughout the life of your pets. Our ambition is to look after that, with this approach, the preventive of medical medicine, keep their capital healthy and make sure you do it.

vétérinaire antibes DR JP Renaud

Dr Jean-Pierre RENAUD

National Veterinary School of Alfort


veterinaire antibes les pinsValentine


Veterinary assistant

vétérinaire antibes les pins Yannis


Veterinary assistant


Clinique veterinaire antibes.vet


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The annual health visit is a must for any responsible chef. For our companions, the years pass faster. Do not we say that one year for a human being corresponds to seven years for a dog? During each annual health visit, the veterinarian, very involved in preventive medicine:         

  • performs a clinical examination         
  • early search for possible progressive diseases         
  • update vaccines         
  • update administrative documents         
  • make a point with you about behavior, diet, hygiene

Des médicaments adaptés


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In most drug families, we have a range adapted to each animal species. If your pet’s treatment is available, you can take it right away at the clinic. Note: retail delivery is governed by Article L.5143-2 of the Public Health Code. This law specifies that the veterinarian is authorized to deliver drugs only for the animals for which he personally provides care. We can not keep open pharmacies or deliver regulated drugs outside visits.


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You can now order your food online and have it delivered to the clinic.

vétérinaire antibes les pins chirurgie


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We are equipped with an operating room that allows us to perform routine surgeries, such as sterilization or descaling, but also more delicate procedures that require advanced skills and equipment. Our block is equipped in particular:     

  • a gas anesthesia machine, to accurately dose the amounts of anesthetic and thus, to gain efficiency and safety.     
  • a cardiac and respiratory monitoring device     
  • an electrocardiograph     
  • a reanimation device

We are particularly committed to the safety of your companions and the prevention of pain, for which we have set up a specific protocol. The animals, at the end of the operation, are placed in our hospitalization area, where they wake up under the supervision of veterinarians and nurses.

vétérinaire antibes les pins hospitalisation


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Operated animals are kept in the kennel to ensure their safe awakening and recovery.

The kennel is kept at a temperature of 20 ° to ensure the animals awake in good conditions.

Veterinarians and assistants provide care and wake-up monitoring.

Veterinaire Antibes les pins analyses


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If the state of health of your companion requires it, we can realize on the spot and immediately a blood test.

Thus, the diagnosis can be established without you having to return or make an appointment in an analysis laboratory.

A blood test, and fifteen to twenty minutes later, we give you the results!

vétérinaire atibes les pins dr renaud


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Dogs and cats have specific problems that can affect their health.

Not very subject to cavities, they are however very frequently affected by scale.

This is why an annual oral check-up is essential and preventive measures must be taken on this occasion.

oeil de chat


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Veterinary ophthalmology has made great progress and we attach great importance to it.

We carry out the most frequent examinations and interventions, and in complex cases, will be able to refer you to a specialist.

Oreille de chien


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Ears, respiratory system: we carry out a check on the occasion of each annual health visit.

veterinaire antibes les pins Echographie


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Ultrasound can be used to observe soft tissue (as opposed to the skeleton). It allows us to follow pregnancy, diagnosis of the urogenital tract, digestive system and heart.

Clinique veterinaire antibes.vet


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We are equipped with a digital radiography system that allows us to obtain immediate and high quality results. Thanks to digital technology, we can also easily integrate snapshots into your pet’s file or send them to specialists for diagnostic complements.

vétérinaire antibes consultation


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Dogs and cats are aging faster than us. In a year, we usually say that they age as much as we do in 6 or 7 years. That is why we carry out specific health checks in order to diagnose as early as possible the diseases of the aging animal. We can, thanks to this assessment, treat these diseases as soon as possible and slow down their evolution. Your pet then gains in quality of life and you can enjoy your relationship for a long time.

RECENT NEWS (In french)

Check out the latest news from the clinic or the veterinary world.
10 avril 2024

Au printemps, prendre soin de son jardin est un plaisir pour toutes les mains vertes. Nos compagnons à quatre pattes profitent également de l’extérieur pour se dépenser. Néanmoins, il faut considérer la toxicité de certaines plantes pour ne pas gâcher leur plaisir.

28 février 2024

La dermatite atopique, parfois appelée « eczéma du chien », est une maladie inflammatoire chronique de la peau du chien.  Elle est causée par des allergies à des substances présentes dans l’environnement…

3 février 2024

Après le U en 2023, 2024 sera l’année des « V » pour les chiens! Mais pour les les chats les lettres W, X, Y et Z seront aussi possibles selon la Fédération Féline Française. De quoi se creuser la tête pour trouver un nom que votre compagnon canin ou félin pourra facilement retenir…


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